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November 16, 2013

Olga Gerberg
Director of Patient Navigator Services

Anyone who knows Olga Gerberg knows of her good moral character, her enthusiasm for life and her desire to help others. This woman, besides infecting those around her with her unique spark, is a key part of the Patient Navigator Program for Familias en Acción. Thanks to her passion and experience she has helped many Latino families find ways to improve their quality of life and health.

According to Olga, "the main role of a Patient Navigator is to guide people through the health system, teach them about their chronic illness and find medical services for them, especially for those who do not have a job or health insurance. We do this with the help of other organizations, hospitals or clinics providing such services. As navigators we are always looking out for our patients, before and after treatment, especially those who have cancer."

In her role as the Director of Patient Navigator Services, Olga continues to inspire her patients to take control of their health. She is able to connect with those individuals who care for Latinos to help understand the barriers that exist for many of the clients we serve.

Olga shares, "the greatest satisfaction is seeing the results of our work, to see that people are learning to take better care of their health. Nothing can make me happier than to see recovered patients who were suffering from a disease like cancer. That is my main goal and will be my main goal: to ensure that any patient with a chronic disease receives the care they deserve."