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National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters

July 16, 2014

Deadline for waiver of eligibility requirements and discounts
for Spanish Medical Interpreters
expires July 15th,2014.

Are you a Spanish Medical Interpreter?
Still time to Register whithout charge for Oregon Residents!

Waiver of eligibility requirements for Spanish Medical Interpreters

Register  through 07/15/2014
with proof of 1 year of employment as a medical interpreter.*

Discounted registration and oral exam through 12/31/2014

The $35 Registration fee is waived and oral exam is discounted from $275 to $235 for Oregon residents.  This is a $75 savings!
*Candidates with less than 1 year work experience or those who register after the waiver deadline must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

Effective until July 15, 2014 individuals who have been working as a Spanish medical interpreter for at least one year, and can provide proof with a signed letter of employment on company letterhead, are eligible to take the National Certified Medical Interpreter written exam and the oral exam.

Candidates must ensure that their supervisors include the language interpreted and the dates of employment. Multiple letters of employment are accepted, and the employment can be as an independent contractor, volunteer status, or regular part-time or full-time employee.

After July 15, 2014 all candidates for the CMI–Spanish Written and Oral exam must meet the following prerequisites:
The following eligibility requirements apply to all Spanish Medical interpreters who have less than 1 year of experience and all Interpreters who apply after July 15, 2014.

1) Age
The minimum age required of an individual to apply for certification will be
equivalent to the age of majority as defined by the federal government, which
is 18 years of age. A driver’s license or a birth certificate or passport copy are
acceptable proofs of age.
2) General Education
Minimum education: High School Diploma. A High School or GED diploma
are acceptable proofs of general education.
3) Medical Interpreter Education
Successful completion of a medical interpreter educational program (only
graduation from programs of a minimum 40 hours duration will be accepted).
A registry of training programs is posted on the OHA web site at:
Oregon Office of Equity and Inclusion Health Care Interpreter Program. A Certificate of
Completion of such a program is the only acceptable proof of medical interpreter education.

4) Oral Proficiency - English

5) Oral Proficiency - Target Language

Please see the National Board’s CMI Candidate Handbook for more detailed information on eligibility requirements after 07/15/2014 and for candidates with less than 1 year of work experience as well as information about the proof of employment letter to qualify for the waiver.